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I always suggest you discuss your plans to consider MAiD with your family and your health care providers. I also understand that isn’t always possible.

For those of you who want more information from us directly, I have provided some information on this website.

About the MAiD Process

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You will find lots of information by navigating the subject headings in the navigation bar above, and I am providing some pertinent links below for your convenience.

In order to qualify to receive MAiD you must meet several specific criteria. Read about them here.

What you can expect to happen, and some of the rules; each step along the way.

This will essentially begin the process. It need not be filled in prior to the first meeting, but it can be. It needs to be witnessed by an independent witness.

The legislation itself; new amendments as of March 17, 2021.

Things to consider when planning for an assisted death.

A variety of sources of more and/or related information.

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