Who is Eligible?

There is a national law that regulates medical assistance in dying.

In order to qualify to receive MAiD you must meet several specific criteria.

Legal Update

In order to qualify to receive medical assistance in dying (MAiD) you must meet several specific criteria.

  • You must be an ADULT (this is defined as being 18 years of age or older)
  • You must be CANADIAN- Actually the law is that you must be eligible to receive government-funded health care services, so residents, landed immigrants, refugees, and Canadian citizens all qualify. At this time, non-Canadians are not able to access MAiD in Canada, even if paying privately.
  • You must be suffering from a GRIEVOUS and IRREMEDIABLE condition. This is further defined as a serious illness, disease or disability that puts you in an advanced state of decline that cannot be reversed, and that causes intolerable suffering that cannot be relieved by any means acceptable to you.
  • Your request for MAiD must be made VOLUNTARILY, free from pressure from anyone else.
  • You must be CAPABLE of making your own health care decisions- this means your request for MAiD can only happen after you have a clear understanding of your medical condition and have been informed of other treatment options. You must be capable of making this decision both at the time of the request and be able to give consent at the time of the procedure itself, except in certain, limited circumstances.

Solace care is able to support you in a variety of ways.

Whether you are a clinician willing to be an assessor for your patient, or you are a person wishing to self-refer, we are here to help.