MEDICAL ASSISTANCE in DYING with Dr. Stefanie Green

The MAiD process begins when a patient makes a written request for MAiD. This request must be witnessed by 2 independent
witnesses Witnesses must not benefit in any way from the death of the patient. Because of this, they are most often not family or business partners. They also cannot be anyone who is providing health care or personal care to the patient. Other than that, witnesses must only be adults and have an understanding of what is being requested.
. After the request is received the first assessor (usually the assessor/provider) reviews the case, meets with the patient and assesses whether or not they meet eligibility criteria. Following BC College of Physician and Surgeon Guidelines regarding how this process is done and documented is mandatory. A second independent assessor must then do the same. If the two assessors agree criteria are met, the MAiD procedure can then be planned by the assessor/provider. Sometimes an independent assessment of capacity may also be required.

If you are unable or unwilling to be an assessor for your patient you are able to refer them to Solace for MAiD. I will work with your team to gather relevant information and keep you informed of developments all along the process.

If you are willing to be an assessor for your patient but require a second assessor (or an assessor/provider) for the case I am willing to accept referrals for either role.

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