MEDICAL ASSISTANCE in DYING with Dr. Stefanie Green


Checklist for MAiD
  • Discuss idea of MAiD with family
  • Discuss idea of MAiD with Family physician
  • Consult with assessor #1
  • Consult with assessor #2
  • Make sure your Last Will and Testament is up to date
  • Consider who will be the executor of your Will
  • Consider a DNR order in the meantime
  • Consider your funerary plans and discuss them with family/executor of your Will
  • Connect with Life Insurance company regarding any life insurance policies. Know that your benefits should NOT be affected if you receive MAiD
  • Consider timeline of WHEN and WHERE you might want MAiD and WHO you might want with you.
  • Consider if there are any ceremony/rituals you would like at your procedure
  • Connect with any spiritual/pastoral care for both self and family for both before and after MAiD

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